Looking for a Social Event Venue in Northport, AL?

Find out what RichLyn Farms can do for your organization

As an event planner for your organization, you know the importance of finding a venue that's both affordable and functional. RichLyn Farms checks off all of your boxes. Our social event venue has worked with countless organizations to host a wide range of events, from school dances to athletic award ceremonies. You can count on RichLyn Farms to help you make your event a success.

Call 205-792-8037 or 205-799-2119 today to book an event at our social event venue in Northport, AL. Looking to book something a little more intimate? We also host a variety of smaller events, and we're a great choice for a baby shower venue.

If you're looking for a fun space that includes all kinds of amenities, RichLyn Farms is the place for you. In addition to a school dance or a baby shower, our venue can also host your university staff event. No matter what type of social event you're planning, you can trust our staff to:

  • Learn about your event and get excited for it
  • Help you customize the venue to suit your theme
  • Give you a list of preferred vendors to help you save money

To speak with a staff member from our baby shower venue in Northport, AL, contact RichLyn Farms today.